Wardrobe mostly consists of Black or Blue. Enjoy the outdoors. Dog dad to @goodboyebixby. Love 90’s rap. History channel. Car guy. Addicted to watches and fine-point pens. Say “Make sense” too much. Clearance and Craigslist junkie. List maker. Gotta sketch everything out. Love to teach. I Hike. I Bike.

User Experience practitioner, strategist, mentor, and lifelong learner. MY JOURNEY: IT support –> CAD design –> Web Design -> Database Administration –> Programmer (VB, RPG) –> Started 2 failed companies and built/grew a social networking website to over 3 Million Page views per month (pre MySpace) –> Retail Sales Mgr (~$50m annual sales) –> Interaction Design -> UX Research -> JAVA Web & Mobile Development -> Startup Search Engine –> a bunch of NASCAR websites –> Fortune 50 eCommerce website (B2C) –> Insurance/benefits industry -> eCommerce (B2B) -> User Experience Consulting -> eCommerce (B2B) -> Financial services / FinTech -> Media