I am an accomplished UX leader with a proven track record of driving innovative solutions and fostering team excellence across diverse industry landscapes. My experience includes spearheading UX strategy, design, architecture, and research for renowned organizations, optimizing experiences and achieving business objectives. I am adept at mentoring global teams and championing modular design principles to enhance product ecosystems. With expertise in driving collaboration, synthesizing insights, and guiding decision-making, I am poised to make a significant impact. I excel in fostering cross-functional partnerships and have a strong commitment to continuous learning and experimentation. I am eager to bring my passion and expertise to any team and contribute to its success.


Director, UX Architecture, Consumer
Dow Jones | 05.22 — 12.23

Developed and led the user experience, architecture, and strategy for Dow Jones brands and channels.

Lead User Experience Strategist – Mobile
Vanguard | 05.20 — 05.22

Developed and led the cross-channel user experience and strategy of enterprise-level initiatives for Vanguard’s Tax Center, Financial Advisor Services, and Digital Advisor offerings.

User Experience Manager
MSC Industrial Supply Co. | 02.19 — 05.20

Developed and led the user experience of enterprise-level initiatives across MSC’s brands and channels.

Customer Experience Manager
CapTech Consulting | 10.15 — 02.19

Aligned organizations to establish business goals, strategy, and recommendations for enterprise solutions.

Sketch LEFT | 09.01 — 10.15

Consulting firm that embraced the full spectrum of user experience design, research, and strategy. Services were centered on visual design, prototyping, responsive design, and accessibility, aimed at crafting engaging interfaces. Specializing in User Experience Strategy development, user research and analysis, information architecture, usability testing, visual design, branding, accessibility consulting, and conducting training workshops to empower clients with best UX practices.

Lead User Experience Designer
SnapAV | 10.14 — 10.15

Lead User Experience Designer
AmWINS Group, Inc. | 07.13 — 10.14

Lead User Experience Architect/Researcher
Lowe’s Home Improvement | 02.09 — 07.13

Sr. Interaction Designer
Motorsports Management International, Inc. | 12.06 — 02.09

Sr. Interaction Designer
Scientigo, Inc. | 08.05 — 11.06

Interaction Designer
Thoughtmill | 12.03 — 08.04

Structuring Manager | Interaction Designer
PentesPlay by GAMETIME | 11.98 — 08.00


Incorporating UX into Agile Processes Utilizing JIRA Advanced Roadmap
2021-2022 | Vanguard Seminar

Seminar to introduce Vanguard CXD Journeys, Families, and Labs to JIRA Advanced Roadmap and best practices to incorporate UX into typical Vanguard Agile processes and toolsets. Topics included: ceremonies and meeting cadences, JIRA Epic flows and JIRA workflow UX incorporation, introduction to JIRA an ticket creation for UX, UX Kanban board setup and best practices for JIRA project management, incorporating UX into Daily Standup and Sprint Reviews, JIRA Advanced Roadmap setup and population, incorporating UX Processes, and UX CCapability/Initiative/Epic refinement best practices.

User Experience Process and Methodologies
2019 | MSC Seminar

Seminar to introduce executive team and cross-company departments to UX practices, processes, roles, and success. Intro: “When customers come to our website, we have only seconds to influence them. Join Chris as he shares processes and best practices around user experience and how we can best fulfill the user’s needs.”

User Testing 101
2019 | MSC Seminar

What usability is and why it is important (helpful tips for justification to skeptical stakeholders)

Eye Tracking Chalk Talk
2018 | CapTech Client Seminar

Client seminar to discuss eye tracking technologies and solutions. Topics included: technology overview, choosing the right hardware/software combination, common applications, brands, metrics captured, and details on conducting lab, in context, and VR/AR studies.

Build the Right Thing: Successful BA/UX Partnerships
2018 | CLT UX Meetup

The “right thing” is not achieved solely with accurate functional and system requirements, nor solely through relevant user requirements and design. Delivering a successful project requires building a solid foundation using tools from both the Business Analyst and User Experience playbooks. At this Meetup, attendees should expect to leave with a basic understanding of the tools used to:

Modeling Requirements

Seminar for business analysts to showcase UX tools and processes that can be used to enhance their skill set and help build a solid foundation for future projects.

User/Usability Test Setup & Execution

Seminar to showcase features and functionality of testing lab, setting up successful user testing environments, and benefits.

UX 101

Seminar to introduce service offerings leaders to UX practices, processes, roles, and success within an Agile lifecycle, including a user testing/validation deep dive with related case studies.

Usability Testing 101 – Best Practices & More
2017 | CLT UX Meetup

Two day training seminar condensed into an hour and a half presentation covering:

Journey Mapping 101

Seminar discussing preliminary and primary research practices, work sessions, mind mapping, journey map and persona development, and extracting relevant findings.

eLearning Module Creation with Adobe Captivate

Seminar discussing research, training, and best practices utilizing Adobe Captivate to develop eLearning modules.

You Are Not the User — Learning the Hard Way
2016 | GIANT Conference

Intro: “Everyone has heard horror stories of these huge projects launching then flopping – full of wants and needs supplied by someone who claims to know what the user wants. Well Chris used to be one of those guys, and this is one of those stories. Join Chris as he walks you through the carnage created when you blow $350,000 on an event no one wants, and the wisdom found once the smoke cleared that fuels his passion for data-informed design.”

Designing with iRise

Seminar discussing capabilities, features, and best practices utilizing iRise to develop designs, prototypes, wireframes, and documented requirements.


User Experience Analyst Certification (CXA)
2012: Human Factors International

Usability Analyst Certification (CUA)
2011: Human Factors International

Web Development and Business Programming Diploma
2001: The Chubb Institute

MCSD Training & Certifications
1999: New Horizons Computer Learning Center